Most of Kutama’s 700 students enter the school at age 13. All candidates go through a pre-assessment at age 12  (during year 7 of Primary School in Zimbabwean educational terms) by writing an Entrance Examination. The assessment consists of academic tests covering mainly Mathematics and English language which are used as the first screening point.  If successful, the candidate will be interviewed, and a report or recommendation will be required from the boy’s current school.

Those offered conditional places must then pass their Grade Seven national examinations to secure their place, or do at least reasonably well in their final mid-term examinations if there are extenuating circumstances for unacceptable performance in the national examinations.

We are usually able to offer conditional places to about all our prospective students after the Entrance Examination. Others are placed on a waiting list to replace any who may withdraw later.

In order to take the assessment boys are only required to turn up for the Entrance Examinations which are normally conducted in early August. No registration is required, just turn up on the day which will be announced on this site in good time. Writing the entrance Examination is a requirement that cannot be waived.  For prospective students based outside Zimbabwe please contact the school as early as possible.

Boys are then placed in houses randomly (determined by alphabetical order). A contract is then signed with the school, and an entry fee (deposit fee) is paid to secure the place.

Entry at age 16 after their Ordinary Level Examinations, the boys are re-selected for continuation to Advanced Level.  Sixth form places are not guaranteed for anyone.  Admission shall depend solely on the boy’s performance in his O’ Level examinations and behavioural conduct during the first four years at Kutama.

It should be noted that Sixth Form places will be offered to interested candidates from other schools based on their O’ Level results and recommendation from their previous school.

The entry system is managed by an appointed admissions board on the Head Master’s behalf. The Head Master reserves the right to refuse to admit any boy.

It is essential that the Admissions Office is kept up to date with any change of address ro guardianship since the school is required to act in loco-parentis during the time the boys is at school.